David Guetta puts $14 million Miami apartment for sale—he’s accepting Bitcoin or Ethereum |

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Can a rising CPI boost Bitcoin? 3 reasons BTC price is rebounding above $36K

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Operation Trojan Shield: Over 800 criminals arrested and millions in cryptocurrencies seized

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The BullPerks Launchpad project has recently completed it’s token sale and has provided a solution for the problem of distributing tokens on the most popular public blockchains. The project has already begun building its platform and will be a great alternative for other projects. Lately, the buzz in the cryptocurrency industry has been about the …

Stellar is a payment network that allows you to exchange value in a secure, fast, and low-cost way. It is built in partnership with IBM, it is a decentralised protocol that uses blockchain technology. Kicking off the week with a bang, Stellar’s price went up ~30% over the past 24 hours, from around $0.24 to …

Bitcoins are a new form of digital currency that is gaining momentum internationally. There are many benefits to Bitcoins over traditional money, one of which is that it is digital and not controlled by a central bank. Bitcoins are also called a cryptocurrency, which means it is not printed like regular money, but rather is …

When it comes to financial technology, Hong Kong is the epicenter of innovation and creativity. Here, startups find fertile ground in a region rich with talent, including a large pool of highly educated and well-skilled engineers with deep technical experience. These individuals are intimately familiar with the unique challenges to growing a fintech or blockchain-driven …