Antimatter Finance Review (MATTER) [On-chain DeFi Derivative Protocol]

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Chinese mining pools’ hash power plummets amid regional blackouts

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Insurance Giant AXA Allows Swiss Clients to Pay for Services With Bitcoin – Bitcoin News

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In the wild and uncharted areas of decentralized funding, there is no limit to the passion to experiment and explore new thresholds that may not have been possible before. DeFi has shown itself and people around the world how innovation can improve the financial system to ensure greater equality and fairness for all. As we …

David Solomon, CEO of Goldman Sachs, predicts a major shift in crypto-currency regulation as customer demand for bitcoin continues to grow. He says Goldman will continue to find ways to serve its customers as it evolves. Regulation of cryptocurrencies is facing a big change, according to Goldman Sachsdirector David Solomon, CEO of global investment bank …

Cryptocurrency markets collected further gains this weekend, with bitcoin jumping above the $60,000 mark to $61,222 per unit in Saturday morning’s (EST) trading sessions. In addition, a number of digital assets have seen their prices rise, with the total market capitalization of the 9,190 existing crypto assets now exceeding $2 trillion. Just after 01:00. (Eastern …

Spanish authorities are taking a tough stance on the cryptocurrency sector, and the national tax authority seems to be taking it very seriously. Hacienda has now issued 14,800 warnings to Spaniards under its supervision for allegedly failing to report cryptocurrencies. Penalties can exceed $5,900 if the cryptocurrency holder fails to file the required tax returns. …