YouHodler is giving away a 2021 Tesla Model Y in honor of Bitcoin pizza day |

In honor of the upcoming Bitcoin Pizza Day on May 22 and inspired by Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s recent investment in cryptocurrency, YouHodler is giving away a new Model Y to one lucky customer for just $1,000.

Want to buy a Tesla with cryptocurrencies? (now you can)

There are numerous tangents between Tesla and the cryptocurrency community. Both have a strong preference for innovative technologies and a general aversion to the norm. So it was only natural that YouHodler combined the best of both worlds with this new ad. With Elon Musk recently announcing that Tesla will be entering the cryptocurrency market, the possibility of buying Tesla with cryptocurrencies is imminent. But you, Mr. Hodler, wanted to expedite things.

Currently, users can enter a drawing for a brand new Tesla Model Y in dark blue for just $1,000. YouHodler customers only need to use one of the platform’s features (cryptocurrency, Turbocharge or Multi-HODL) with a minimum of $1,000. The customer will then receive a ticket to participate in the draw. The results of the raffle will be announced on Bitcoin Pizza Day via YouHodler’s social media channels.

Click here for more information on the YouHodler Tesla for Crypto promotion.

What is YouHodler and how do I sign up?

YouHodler is giving away a 2021 Tesla Model Y in honor of Bitcoin pizza day |

YouHodler is a European FinTech platform specialized in crypto-currency wallets, crypto-currency backed loans, crypto-currency savings accounts, crypto-currency conversion and crypto-currency multipliers. The platform has more than two dozen cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies and stalls. Here you will find a short description of the main functions of the platforms:

  • Cryptocurrencies : Use the best cryptocurrencies as collateral for a direct loan in US dollars, euros, British pounds or Swiss francs. Loan-to-value ratios can be as high as 90%, which means you get more value for your collateral. Don’t sell your crypto-currencies. Get cash instead of an instant loan.
  • Crypto Wallet and Bitcoin: Deposit and store cryptocurrencies safely on YouHodler and earn passive income at the same time. YouHodler wallets are interest-bearing, meaning customers can earn up to 12% APR (plus compound interest) simply by HODLing cryptocurrencies.
  • Exchange of cryptocurrencies: Convert all crypto, fiat and stablecoin currencies into the universal spectrum with fees as low as 0.5%.
  • Turbocharger : Use a credit chain to multiply your collateral by a smaller amount of initial capital.
  • Multi-HODL : Multiply your crypto up to x30 depending on market trends. Click up or down to set the direction of your position, choose your multiplier level and set your profit taking and margin call levels for maximum adjustment.

YouHodler is giving away a 2021 Tesla Model Y in honor of Bitcoin pizza day |

How to check your place in the Tesla draw for Crypto

So you’ve heard about Tesla’s gift to the crypto economy and have already taken advantage of the $1,000 YouHodler feature. Congratulations! You’ll get your first ticket.

Click here to see how your ranking compares to your competitors. The rankings are updated every hour. Remember, for every $1000 you wager on YouHodler, you get an extra ticket. The more tickets you have, the more chances you have to win a brand new Tesla Model Y.

Thank you for participating in Y. Hodler to promote mass adoption. Good luck!

Denial: This article was sponsored by YouHodler.

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YouHodler is giving away a 2021 Tesla Model Y in honor of Bitcoin pizza day |

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