Want to be rich? Data and Bitcoin’s supply cap show you only need 0.01 BTC

Saving up 0.01 bitcoin (BTC) may only be worth $5,000 today, but based on the current global distribution of wealth and the limited supply of digital assets, 0.01 BTC could be enough to make you a millionaire in the future.

According to Credit Suisse’s Global Wealth 2020 report, 51.9 million people worldwide have assets of more than a million dollars. The index takes into account the net value of a person, his financial and real estate assets, less debts and liabilities.

According to the report, the United States leads by a significant margin of 20.2 million, or 39% of the world total. China comes second with a share of 11%, while Japan, the UK, France and Germany each account for 5%.

It is interesting to note that although these millionaires represent only 1% of the world’s population (not counting children), they own 43% of the world’s wealth.

The total family wealth of these high net worth individuals is $400 trillion, 53% of which is in financial assets, not investment properties. This figure varies from country to country: 64% in the United States, 44% in China and Germany, and 22% in India.

According to Credit Suisse’s individual wealth distribution, 175,700 people were worth more than $50 million. Of those, 55,800 had a value of at least $100 million, and 4,410 had assets of more than $500 million.

Finite supply of bitcoin will reach 98% in 10 years

Bitcoin supply and associated inflation. Source: Medium.com/@CryptoProfG

To 1. A total of 18.64 million bitcoins were shipped in March. BTC, which corresponds to approximately 2.37 million mined diamonds. In ten years, the supply will be 20.6 million units, i.e. 98% of the total supply of 21 million units.

With the exception of 1.9 million coins that have not been touched in over a decade, there is a 19.2 million limit on the 51.9 million millionaires worldwide. BTC.

That leaves 0.37 BTC per millionaire, including coins that have not yet been mined. A more cautious hypothesis, based on currently available stocks and items in storage that have not been moved for five years or more, is 14.57 million. BTC. That leaves only 0.28 BTC per millionaire, which is a conservative figure considering the number of high net worth individuals is likely to increase in the next 5-10 years.

The rest of the rich will fight for 0.01 BTC.

In addition to recognized millionaires, there are 590 million people with a net worth of more than $100,000. These people should not be ignored as potential homeowners, even if their purchasing power is lower.

Global distribution of wealth. Source: Credit Suisse

Want to be rich? Data and Bitcoin’s supply cap show you only need 0.01 BTC

Assuming that the 43.4% share of the world’s wealth indicated in the chart above remains the same, the world’s millionaires account for 6.32 million of the remaining 14.57 million conserved reserves. This ratio means that there are 0.12 BTC per person.

The remaining 590 million people, who currently own $100,000 or more, could actually own 5.9 million additional coins, which amounts to just 0.01 BTC per adult.

In summary, by buying 0.01 BTC today, an investment of about $500 at the current price, one of the 13% holder positions can be secured. Today, that’s the equivalent of being a millionaire, at least in percentage of total bitcoin stock.

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