SuperRare (RARE) Price Surges Over 140% in a Week

It’s common knowledge that cryptocurrencies were in a bad place in 2017. Bitcoin was down more than 80 percent, and Ethereum nearly 70 percent. But while the cryptocurrency market may have suffered a serious dip in the beginning of this year, things have since started to change – and not just for the better.

It’s never too late to buy the next Bitcoin, but it probably is too late to buy the next Bitcoin at the next Bitcoin price.

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  • In the past seven days, the price of RARE has increased by more than 140 percent.
  • SuperRare is an NFT marketplace that sells NFT.

We are often fascinated by the realm of digital assets. Furthermore, the token has us frozen in place, awestruck by its development. Now it seems like we’ve returned to that stage. RARE is a SuperRare ecosystem native token. In the past 24 hours, the RARE price has increased by more than 10%.

The coin is now trading at $2.9 at press time, down from a 24-hour high of $3.29. In the last week, it has increased by more than 140 percent.

SuperRare is an NFT marketplace that sells NFT. Furthermore, the platform hosts several great websites as well as some of the world’s most innovative NFT artists. However, the major news is that SuperRare just created its own cryptocurrency and handed away 150 million tokens. 

Furthermore, SuperRare is a prominent NFT platform that, with the introduction of its token production, decentralizes its concept. Token holders may now vote on new community-run galleries called space SuperRare. 

On the Ethereum blockchain, SuperRare is one of the main platforms for NFT artwork tokenization. The platform said it was taking efforts to decentralize the initiative. SuperRare has done so by launching a new rare creation token that will be used for community governance and decentralized autonomous organization. 

In addition, SuperRare token holders will be able to vote on a new community-run area, allowing a broader variety of artists to join the platform. As a result, each RARE acts as a one-of-a-kind shop for operators chosen by community space operators. 

The platform will soon reach a new level thanks to future improvements and enhancements inside the ecosystem. 

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