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Press Release

PRESS RELEASE. AscendEX, formerly BitMax, a market-leading digital asset exchange platform developed by veterans of quantum trading on Wall Street, announced the listing of Showcase Token (SHO) for the USDT/SHO pair on April 28 at 1:00 pm. UTC.

Showcase is a mobile application from NFT designed to extend the capabilities of microfilters and fans. It provides a platform for content creators to create and sell limited, unbranded tokens supported by their brand. These NFTs enable decentralized ownership, transfer, provenance and authentication of digital assets. The showcase as a platform focuses on mobile design, functional integration, cheaper NFT, the art of rarer NFT, user experience and social media integration.

The Showcase platform allows designers to design and edit custom artwork within the app, which is then paired with a unique NFT or badge. The limited edition badges are for sale, fans can buy them, and Showcase generates revenue for the creators. Buyers can place newly acquired badges in a display case or trade them on the NFT secondary market.

Showcase uses the custom ERC-1155 smart contract to store NFT data for badges in the chain and allows you to include attributes for each badge with rich metadata such as badge name, category and description.

SHO offers native tokens as distributed incentives to encourage users to contribute and maintain the ecosystem on Showcase. Additional SHOs will be awarded to users based on their usage, activity and contributions to the Showcase platform. Holders of SHO tokens will be able to deploy SHO tokens to influencers. This gives them original OG status, access to exclusive influencer-created content, and exclusive status in the Showcase app with exclusive access to purchase certain NFT badges.

About AscendEX

Originally founded in 2018 as, AscendEx is a leading crypto and digital finance platform serving professional and retail traders. Our platform offers cash, futures, margin and equity products and integrates key elements of the DeFi to provide users with a single market structure. AscendEx is led by a team of Wall Street veterans who have applied the rigors of traditional markets to create a robust, safe and reliable experience for all participants; and a consistent source of liquidity for primary offerings.

For more information and updates, please visit the website:





About the display case

Showcase is a platform where you can create and sell content.

Non-negotiable tokens (NFT) in limited quantities, secured by their brand name. These NFTs make it possible

for decentralised ownership, transfer, provenance and authentication of digital assets.

For more information and updates, please visit the website:





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