Polkadot price analysis: Can bullish Polkadot hit $16 overnight?

Polkadot is a new blockchain protocol that claims to offer the scalability and stability of a public blockchain with the privacy of a private blockchain. As a standalone project, Polkadot has the potential to drastically improve blockchain infrastructure. But, how does it play into the broader market? As always, I dive into the numbers and discover whether the market is poised for a big bull run.

At this point, everyone should have heard of the Polkadot project. Although it has taken a while for the initial hype to die down, the latest price analysis shows that it is moving in a bullish fashion, a trend that could make it one of the top performers in the market in the coming weeks. The Polkadot Foundation has been widely praised for its unique approach to blockchain technology and the way it is structured. Its development team are responsible for the code, and its governance function is conducted by the holders of DOT tokens , who have, in turn, chosen to fund the project through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) . This year, the DOT token has become an essential part of the project, and as such, the

The cryptocurrency community is eager to learn the price prediction of Polkadot. As the market leader in Proof of Stake, Polkadot has already put into practice the best of the Proof of Work’s (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS) systems. But will the market leader be able to compete with the stablecoin of the future?

TL;DR Summary

  • As the DOT/USD price rose from $10.6 to $12.8, the Polkadot price analysis became positive.
  • Bulls may have already run out of steam, as the market is now poised to collapse.
  • The price is likely to drop below $11 in the next hours and perhaps much lower.
  • As bulls struggle to stay up with the bears, MACD indications provide optimism.
  • It’s not the ideal moment to make a quick-profits short-term investment.
  • Polkadot isn’t going to reach $16 any time soon.

Today’s optimistic mood in the market is greater than the negative dips, according to our Polkadot pricing research. However, the market has been mostly negative during the past three hours. Is it possible that it will result in an engulfment? It’s possible, but the market is just as likely to rebound.

Coin360’s cryptocurrency heat map

When we take a look at the broader picture, we can see that Ethereum is up 8.47 percent today, while Bitcoin is up 6.25 percent. Other cryptocurrencies, including as Cardano, Ripple, Litecoin, and Dogecoin, have seen similar trends. Overall, the Polkadot market is trending in the same direction, increasing by about 9.1%.

Polkadot price analysis: Can bullish Polkadot hit $16 overnight?TradingView’s Polkadot Price Chart

Our Polkadot price analysis’ daily chart provides a clearer picture. With the current price of $12.2, we can see that the market is mainly bearish today. As the day progresses, however, this is subject to change.

The RSI chart shows a rise from 29 to 37. The sharply rising gradient reflects this increase, indicating that the market still has potential for development. In addition, the MACD analysis histogram is now in the pink zone.

DOT/USD Price Movement Over a 24-Hour Period

Polkadot price analysis: Can bullish Polkadot hit $16 overnight?TradingView’s Polkadot Price Chart

Polkadot got off to a fantastic start today at 12:00. After yesterday’s swing low of $10.6, the price steadily climbed, reaching $12.8 before dropping again. The market has been negative in the past three hours. It seems that the bulls have already been tired at this time.

Polkadot is currently ranked 9th with a market capitalization of $11,951,074,268.39. With a circulating supply of 977,316,788, the total market dominance is 0.93 percent.

Polkadot 4-Hour Price Chart — Bulls may already be tired.

Polkadot price analysis: Can bullish Polkadot hit $16 overnight?TradingView’s Polkadot Price Chart

The bulls seem to have been tired for the most part, and the market is now poised for another decline. In the past four hours, the graphs indicate a negative trend. On the graph, the RSI curve is likewise trending lower, presently at 53.31.

It’s possible that the quickly dropping slope isn’t a good sign. It may be time for day traders to take a break before making another investment. Of fact, according to Polkadot price research, the strong bullish momentum may easily hold up the brief dips. Panic selling, on the other hand, may be on the verge of causing a snowball effect, with the market ultimately collapsing.

However, the MACD in our Polkadot price analysis offers us some reason to be optimistic. The histogram has remained green for the last four hours, reaching 0.19 levels. However, after a few more hours, a more accurate Polkadot price analysis will be published. For the time being, the bulls seem to be trying to stay up with the rising resistance.

Conclusion of the Polkadot Price Analysis

The Polkadot market seems to be declining after a strong start. If bulls do not give up, the tables may flip in the next few hours, and the market could rebound. However, it may not be the ideal moment for day traders to invest right now since short-term gains are unlikely. With everything in mind, reaching $16 seems to be a long shot, especially given the rising opposition.

Disclaimer: The material on this website is not intended to be trading advice, and.com assumes no responsibility for any investments made as a result of the information on this page. Before making any financial choices, we highly advise doing independent research and/or consulting with a competent expert.

Polkadot is a new cryptocurrency that is trying to solve the scalability problem of blockchain. The consensus mechanism of Polkadot is proof of stake. It is a tech that has huge potential, and it is likely that the project will become real one day. The main goal of Polkadot is to create a blockchain that doesn’t require huge scaling. The platform has been designed to scale like tennis, so that the platform will be able to support millions of transactions in a second, which means that maximum scalability is reached.. Read more about polkadot stock and let us know what you think.

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