Polkadot Flying, DOT Bull Predicts a 5X Rally to $150

The so-called “Dot-Dot-Dot” rally has been all the rage lately, and for good reason. It was one of the first major rallies in 2017, and has been a major factor in the resurgence of the cryptocurrency market. This has led to speculation about whether this rally will continue, or if it is just a short-lived phenomenon.

Ripple, the second largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization, has seen a massive move in price in the past week and a half. The cryptocurrency and the startup that supports and develops it, Ripple, have been trading at around $0.50 since July 27, 2017. On August 8, however, Ripple surged to a high of $3.37, a gain of over 300%, bringing the value of one Ripple token up from $0.25 to about $1.00. The price of Ripple has been going up exponentially since then, and on August 24 it reached a peak of $3.88, a gain of about 5 times.

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Polkadot is one of the most popular patterns. The tailwinds are simple to spot: Kusama’s parachain auctions.

Polkadot is the main chain for traders who are perplexed by these rapid profits.

Consider the Bitcoin–Litecoin connection, in which the latter serves as a testing ground for “risky” experiments.

Kusama is a hive of activity, a battleground that is assisting in the pumping of DOT prices to spot levels.

Polkadot Market Activity and Price Trends

This was to be anticipated.

Fundamentally, Polkadot (and Kusama) will almost certainly set new highs in H2 2021, owing to strong demand for KSM.

The currency is needed for voting on projects that are popular among investors.

While this isn’t the case with Polkadot, once parachains are triggered and crowd-loaning is implemented, Polkadot will almost certainly surpass its all-time high of $45.

As a result, most traders believe the currency is one of the most undervalued, worthy of a place among the top five in the future months.

DOT prices remain pretty steady at the time of writing.

Notably, the currency has reached new H2 2021 highs, stabilizing with good trade volumes after the August 31 fall below the late August 2021 consolidation.

The upswing is distinct in that it coincides with a noticeable increase in trading volumes, indicating a possible change in trend from steady to active, which is exactly what ambitious traders are hoping for.

Polkadot prices have risen by double digits against the US dollar this week. DOT is outperforming BTC and ETH in the same time period, because to these massive increases.

“To the Moon” Polkadot

Polkadot crypto traders are thrilled, anticipating even greater profits in the days ahead, thanks to spectacular gains recorded on August 31.

One Twitter user predicted that DOT will “moon” in the next days.

Take a look at my 4 hour #DOTUSDT chart analysis $dot on the moon pic.twitter.com/rxBvUcmkrB

August 31, 2021 — Brook Pro (@BrookBiruk3)

The currency is trading inside a bullish breakout pattern on the 4HR chart, having cleared August 2021 highs. Given the large volume of the breakthrough and the fact that technical indications favor buyers, the analyst believes DOT may surpass $36 in the near future.

Now that DOT prices are strong above the analyst’s momentum indicators, significant investor/trader demand is supporting this rise.

DOT to $150, with a 5X Rally on the Horizon

One ambitious trader, on the other hand, is based on price movement on the monthly chart. At current spot prices, the expert thinks the cryptocurrency is severely undervalued. As a result, bulls will not stop until DOT reaches $150, a huge 5X premium above spot prices.

Monthly morning star reversal pattern $DOT #DOTUSDT #Polkadot

158 KWpMtUYss7 pic.twitter.com/KWpMtUYss7

30 August 2021 — Market Eagle (@MarketEagles)

It may seem impossible, but Polkadot is a work in progress, and this is a key trigger. At the same time, the monthly chart’s candlestick patterns indicate strength.

There has been a dramatic reversal of the three-bar bearish reversal pattern, the feared Morning Star, with the upswing of August.

Since the DOT bulls have re-entered the market, the analyst’s high goal seems to be within reach, especially with such a short reference period.

All-Time Highs for Polkadot Bulls at $45

Another trader on Trading View reaffirms the positive condition of the DOT market.

Polkadot Flying, DOT Bull Predicts a 5X Rally to $150

Despite the fact that Polkadot purchasers are in charge, there hasn’t been a clear break away from $30, which is a major liquidation milestone.

Once the currency closes over $32, DOT bulls may be able to rapidly drive it to $45—all-time highs, or even higher in the longer run.

Trading View provided the charts.

Disclosure: The author’s opinion is his or her own. Make your own investigation.

Polkadot Flying, DOT Bull Predicts a 5X Rally to $150

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