Operation Trojan Shield: Over 800 criminals arrested and millions in cryptocurrencies seized

Operation Trojan Shield was the culmination of a 6-month long investigation targeting a vast underground criminal network of cyber criminals. The operation involved the enforcement of an international arrest warrant for the arrest of a Malta-based cyber criminal, an investigation into the use of a Bitcoin exchange to launder proceeds from criminal activity, and the identification and prosecution of a number of individuals involved in the illegal trade of firearms and ammunition.

Over the past three months, Northumbria Police’s Financial Crime Unit has arrested more than 800 people and seized more than £180 million pounds in cryptocurrencies. The arrests have been the result of the force’s proactive approach to tackling money laundering, which is implemented by using a multi-agency approach, including financial and cybercrime experts, to tackle cross-border organised crime. An international operation, Operation Trojan Shield, was developed in response to the effects of the global financial crisis, which has seen money laundering through cryptocurrencies increase exponentially.

Operation Trojan Shield is a global project targeting criminal and online marketplaces which aim to launder and sell pirated products. It is a huge success, with over 800 arrests, over 8 million euros of digital currency seized and over 10,000 phone numbers and IP addresses from over 80 countries, including the United States.

Summary of the situation – Operation Trojan Shield successfully put an end to a global drug gang that managed to seize large quantities of drugs in 16 countries. – The deal also yielded more than $48 million in cryptocurrencies. Law enforcement agencies from around the world have joined forces in Operation Trojan Shield and seized 5 tons of cannabis, 6 tons of cocaine and 2 tons of methamphetamine. They also returned millions of dollars in various digital currencies. This operation is a three-year investigation into a courier called ANOM. This service was supposed to be safe, but in reality it was controlled by the police. The police set up this ANOM messaging service and nobody knew about it. For everyone else, it was just a normal encryption service like any other on the market. This operation is coordinated and underlined by the suppression of criminal groups.

Operation Trojan Shield has achieved its objectives

The mission was a great success: Tons of drugs and more than $48 million in cryptocurrencies were seized. They arrested nearly 800 criminals in 16 countries to achieve the goals of this study. Law enforcement agencies have seized millions of cryptocurrencies from more than 300 criminal and illegal syndicates. Global raids have been ordered and coordinated by Interpol. Operation Trojan Shield distinguishes itself from other raids because it breaks through the concept of application encryption. All the criminals in the world thought they were safe, but the police were watching everything they did. All the services involved did a good job and brought to a successful conclusion one of the largest police operations in history. The deputy head of Europol, Jean-Philippe Lecouffe, said the agency would conduct numerous parallel operations in the coming weeks.

ANOM and how the police could bypass theencryption.

In 2019, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) partnered with the Australian Federal Police to develop an encrypted messaging service called ANOM. No one in the world knew that the police had set up this service. The network developer was an informant and used his connections to spread information on the street. It has grown into a large company that has supplied more than 12,000 devices and 300 crime syndicates or networks worldwide. The goal of ANOM was to provide criminals with a secure and encrypted device to trust their transactions. The email company quietly reviewed all messages sent to continue Operation Trojan Shield and waited to act. With over 45,000 photos and more than 27 million reports, law enforcement had all the information they needed to conduct the operation. By 2020, authorities could compromise the encryption of networks like Sky ECC and EncroChat, reducing the alternatives for criminals to join ANOM. With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, governments and authorities around the world are concerned about their misuse by criminals. Operation Trojan Shield has dealt a major blow to global criminal networks and their use of cryptocurrencies.At the end of last year, the Cybercrime Unit of the National Crime Agency became one of the most prolific and successful law enforcement operations in the UK. With unprecedented access to high-tech surveillance, GCHQ provided the NCA with the evidence needed to make a series of key arrests. In the first wave of arrests, 740 criminals and associates were detained in 7 raids across the UK. In total, over 800 people were arrested and over $44 million in cryptocurrencies was seized.. Read more about what is operation trojan shield and let us know what you think.

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