Losing track of daily crypto developments? Enter Coin News, a one-stop mobile app |

Cryptocurrencies are known for several reasons. This includes scams, politics, power struggles, regulations, pump and dump and countless other things that happen in the industry every day.

But one reason remains unknown: the steady pace of development and new technological advances that, it seems, are being introduced by the hour. There are new grain farms to dive into, new monkey tokens, new research and new ecosystems to think about.

All this leads to a dilemma for the average person. With so much news and events happening at once, how do you stay informed? How do you quickly get all the key details you need to plan your next steps in new ecosystems and investments? How they know what is happening in their jurisdiction or in other jurisdictions – events that can indirectly affect their perception of the market as a whole or, worse, their personal portfolios.

The answer is simple: Bring together almost all the news, research and development from the many subsectors of crypto in one simple, easy-to-use app. And in currency news, this is how it went.

News from room 101

Coin News brings together information for users from many sources in different languages. Messages are sorted by category, for example. B. : Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoins, DeFi, Blockchain, NFT, analytics, mining, regulation and more, giving people 24/7 coverage of everything happening in the crypto space.

You can read news in different languages, create a news feed from the best sources like Forbes, CoinDesk and – with a constantly updated list of sources.

Based on their interests and preferences, users can be notified of new events and even select the categories and information sources that best suit them. This means that when Forbes publishes an interview or an exclusive article, the user is immediately notified.

Active interest is not required either. Thanks to the offline mode, users can read the news anytime, anywhere, without an internet connection, which means jumping on a plane no longer means jumping off the crypto market!

And of course, there are no more missed articles. The bookmarking and sharing feature allows articles to be saved offline, so users can read them later without an internet connection. All messages in the app can also be instantly shared with friends through various social networks.

What are you waiting for? Try it now! – News from the chambers.

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Losing track of daily crypto developments? Enter Coin News, a one-stop mobile app |

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