God Temple – A unique mythology-based NFT MarketPlace backed by Iconic Artists

God Temple, a blockchain-based decentralized platform invented by Khilone is a unique marketplace where anyone can buy and sell digital tokens of godly power. These tokens are backed by the faith of the believers, allowing them to carry out their prayers, as well as provide their believers with the power to effect supernatural power. In addition, these digital tokens can also be used as a means of exchange. The ultimate goal of this market is to establish a global sovereign symbiosis network, where the world’s rich mythological artistry will be used to inspire positive change and a better world.

God Temple is an upcoming NFT market featuring a wide range of playable Gods, Legends, and Heroes. God Temple will be a game-changing NFT market that will be backed by the most famous NFT Artists in the world. God Temple will feature the very best in NFTs by world-renowned artists such as:

Cryptocurrency is fun. It’s all about innovation and it’s all about fun. But, it’s also about something else. For the first time in history, we have the ability to build our own money. We can do that through a process called crafting. At God Temple, we believe this to be one of our greatest innovations. We have a place, where people can come together to craft their own unique piece, and it is backed by the work of some of the most iconic artists in the world.

The NFT Marketplace God Temple specializes on mythology-themed limited edition artwork. God Temple’s staff has worked with a number of well-known and famous artists from across the globe in order to bring their visions to reality. In the artworks, the bulk of the figures are legendary Gods. Pat Lee is one of a number of well-known musicians that have joined the God Temple crew.

God Temple is essentially a three-tier evolution system that enables collectors to use $MYTH to develop their NFTs into higher tiers. As a consequence, as the tier progresses, the NFT becomes more uncommon. The overall supply is decreased but the value of $MYTH is indirectly raised since creating an NFT requires the burning of tokens.

Another unique aspect of God Temple is its “evolution mining” method, which enables users to mine $MYTH using high-tier NFTs. If you have the complete NFT series in your hands, you may also get a better mining return. As a result, collectors will be able to utilize NFTs to earn rewards in a passive manner, increasing their worth. 

Background of the Group

The God Temple team is made up of artists and art lovers that believe in mythology’s power and how it has impacted civilization and cultural movements throughout history. When a group of art and mythology lovers decided to create God Temple by combining mythology with blockchain technology, this was their primary motive.

God Temple aims to change the current NFT market by creating the first-ever mythology-themed NFT gallery, which urges collectors to maintain their mythological beliefs and legacies, given how NFTs are sweeping the world these days. God Temple is a one-of-a-kind crypto idea. Most people can connect to mythology, and God Temple’s translation of it into NFTs definitely raises the standard and sets it apart from previous crypto breakthroughs. Because of its fundamentally unique nature, God Temple has attracted the attention of a large number of individuals all over the globe. 

Architecture of technology 

God Temple is based on the $MYTH platform and follows the ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards. To guarantee that all offers for the NFT drops are properly recognized, the God Temple platform can efficiently manage up to millions of transactions. To guarantee that users have the greatest possible experience, the program keeps up with Ethereum network developments.

The economics of tokens

God Temple’s native token is the MYTH Token. It may be used for a variety of things, like buying NFT packs, developing NFT tokens and burning them, mining additional MYTH tokens, and even gamification. 

MYTH has a total quantity of 200,000,000 tokens, with 20% going to the token sale, 20% to team development, 20% to business reserve, and 40% to ecosystem funding. As can be seen, the majority of the money are allocated to the platform’s ecosystem growth.

Milestones and a Roadmap for the Future

Pat Lee, a well-known artist, just become a member of God Temple. He has worked on Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, Transformers, and other DC and Marvel titles as a main comic artist. Lee is a genuine worldwide superstar, having topped Wizard Magazine’s list of the Top Ten Hottest Artists. His main partners include Nike, Apple, Sony, and others.

Furthermore, The God Temple team is putting in extra effort to guarantee that the platform’s front-end and back-end infrastructure are both functioning properly. The coin will launch in the second quarter of 2021, followed by the platform in the third quarter of this year.

The next important items on God Temple’s future roadmap include the token launch, platform launch, IDOs, debut of Pat Lee’s NFT series, partnerships with famous artists from across the globe to deliver additional NFT series, evolution mining, and gamification.

God Temple has announced that it would provide a play-to-earn model inside its NFT marketplace, with a public auction scheduled for August 2nd on Balancer. 


Given its unique and original idea, as well as the platform’s enormous support and interest from both inside and beyond the crypto sector, God Temple is destined to be a great success. God Temple’s staff believes in the power of good marketing and community development to create success, therefore they’ve developed a thorough strategy to put their ideas into action.

Influencer outreach is at the top of their agenda, given the tremendous power and influence that influencers hold in the crypto ecosystem. Working with them would certainly allow God Temple to reach a huge number of crypto fans who would otherwise be inaccessible.

God Temple also intends to use community incentive schemes to increase their visibility in crypto groups.

For additional information, follow God Temple on Twitter and Telegram.

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The Gods Temple (GT) is a blockchain based marketplace that enables users to interact with iconic artists from all around the world by offering their art to users who are interested in buying. More importantly, it allows these artists to unleash their art and potentially make a good income by selling their original and unique artworks.. Read more about nft art marketplace and let us know what you think.

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