Chinese miners initiated the recent sell-off, on-chain data suggests aggregate flows are at an all-time high

Many people believe that a bubble exists in the market, but there are now signs that a virtual herd is moving into an exit strategy.

The blockchain is facing challenges as it moves out of an early phase of development and into a more mature phase.  At the tail end of last year, a number of cryptocurrency projects that had been in the blockchain/Bitcoin ecosystem were shifted to the Ethereum network.  The purpose of this move was to allow the Ethereum network to become the main blockchain for these projects.  A few months later, a number of these projects have found it necessary to move again, this time to the TRON network.  This trend highlights the fact that the blockchain is still in an early phase of maturing, with the majority of projects still in the process of developing their own networks.

The current frenzy of crypto sales is being driven by Chinese miners, according to recent research from BitMEX. On-chain data suggests that the aggregate flows are at an all-time high.. Read more about what does mining crypto mean and let us know what you think.

Miners have led one of the biggest collapses in recent history, and no one is paying attention to this change in the dynamics of bitcoin hashrate distribution. When China got serious and banned mining in Sichuan province, essentially 90% of bitcoin mining was eliminated and miners were forced to leave the country. While this has had a big impact on the price of bitcoin, we still think it will be one of the most important developments in 2021.

Many market participants began a panicked descent when China imposed a crackdown and the Whales dumped their stake in bitcoin, but no one expected individual miners to begin the descent by selling some of their assets. According to Coinmetrics, aggregate flows from miners have not been this high since March 2020. This confirms the statement that the miners sold some of their shares.

Chinese miners were put in a difficult situation by the government authorities who suddenly interrupted the power grid and mining operations. These miners traveled more than 2,000 km to take advantage of the rainy season in Sichuan, at the same time that the CCP was cracking down on the mining industry. The hashrate has clearly collapsed, and that is reflected in the chains, but the selling pressure is not significant compared to LTH and the other whales.

The biggest panic factor right now is the daily hash rate. People use these volatile metrics to make aggressive statements about market conditions, but they forget that it is impossible to get a consistent change in the daily index just by looking at the chained data. This is another reason for the drop in bitcoin’s hash rate, as Elon Musk explained: A coal mine in Xinjiang flooded, nearly killing miners, […] hashtray bitcoin fell 35%.

Chinese miners initiated the recent sell-off, on-chain data suggests aggregate flows are at an all-time high

Even the media likes to take advantage of the daily hash rate data and make bold statements in their headlines. In reality, none of this is true, and daily hash rate tracking shows no long-term change in the mining landscape. Therefore, it is recommended to look at the implicit hash rate over 30 days, as this eliminates unnecessary reactions due to fear and only shows the real behavior of miners.

Chinese miners initiated the recent sell-off, on-chain data suggests aggregate flows are at an all-time high

While recent events have caused some turbulence in the market, we believe they will have a positive impact in the long run, as people will no longer criticize bitcoin’s dependence on Chinese miners and the environmental impact of its overuse of fossil fuels.

However, miners have suffered from the recent crackdown and according to bitcoin blockchain data their earnings are only 13 million, which is an 8-month daily low. They can’t convert their bitcoins into cash, and even if they do, they have to sell them at a lower price than normal. Without sufficient resources and support, it is extremely difficult to move to another country.

While this geographic diversity may take some time, it is important to track the monthly implicit hash rate. In the long run, this will only make bitcoin more decentralized in every way, and volatility in the short run is the price to pay for it. Chinese mining companies have led recent sales, with capital outflows in the circuit reaching record levels.

Chinese miners initiated the recent sell-off, on-chain data suggests aggregate flows are at an all-time high

Kartikeya Gutta, born and raised in India, is a cryptocurrency journalist and freelance writer for the website itsBlockchain. It covers various aspects of the industry through in-depth analysis and research. His passion for blockchain and the crypto-ecosystem is largely because he believes it can truly change the world and help millions of people.

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