Celsius vs. Crypto.com: Who Pays the Best APY on Crypto?

The question of which exchange pays the best APY on cryptocurrencies is a hot topic, with both Celsius and Crypto.com claiming to be superior in their own right. But which one should you choose? We make it easy by comparing these two top-ranked exchanges head-to-head in terms of features and services offered.

The “cryptocom vs blockfi vs celsius” is a question that has been asked before. The answer to this question is not as clear-cut as it might seem.

Yield-seekers often compare Celsius and Crypto.com while looking for the best cryptocurrency interest rates. Both platforms pay out at the top end of the crypto interest scale, but they do it in very different ways. 

Celsius is based in London, United Kingdom, and was launched in 2017. It’s a cryptocurrency borrowing and lending software that allows users to deposit bitcoin and earn interest on it. 

Crypto.com, situated in Hong Kong, was created in 2016 and provides a broad range of services, including a cryptocurrency exchange, a crypto interest account, an NFT storage wallet, and a credit (debit) card. 

In a word, the most important difference between Celsius and Crypto.com is the availability of each platform’s best potential rates.

When you deposit any quantity of cryptocurrency on the app, Celsius pays you respectable interest rates of up to 6.2 percent for BTC and 5.35 percent for ETH. 

Crypto.com’s top tier, on the other hand, offers greater rates of up to 8.5 percent for BTC and 8.5 percent for ETH, but with additional requirements. To earn the greatest rates, it needs users to keep large amounts of CRO, its native token, as well as to lock up their assets for a month or more. 

However, Celsius and Crypto.com each have benefits that the other does not, which we’ll go over below.

Key Differences Between Celsius and Crypto.com





Review of Celsius

Review of Crypto.com

Site Type

Interest account and lending app in cryptocurrency

NFT exchange + cryptocurrency exchange + cryptocurrency interest account

Suitable for beginners



App for mobile devices



Methods of Purchase and Deposit

Deposits in cryptocurrency, debit cards, and bank transfers are all options.

ACH, wire transfers, PayPal, and credit or debit cards are all options.

Methods of Sale and Withdrawal

Transferring cryptocurrency from an external wallet

Transfers from a crypto wallet to a bank account, ACH

Cryptocurrencies that are currently available

Bitcoin, Ethereum, stablecoins Link, and more than 30 more cryptocurrencies are available.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, stablecoins, and over 25 additional cryptocurrencies are available.

The Beginning of a Business




London, England

Hong Kong

Trust in the Community






Customer Service



Verification is necessary (KYC)




Exceptional (there are none)


Website + Promotion

On Celsius, you may get a bonus of up to $50 BTC.

On Crypto.com, you may earn up to $25.

Bios of the Companies: Celsius vs. Crypto.com

Alex Mashinsky and Daniel Leon founded Celsius in 2017. The business has subsequently expanded to service over 850,000 people after raising over $100 million in private investment rounds (including one token sale). About $16 billion in community assets are managed by Celsius.

Mashinsky founded or was a pivotal figure in a number of successful businesses, including:

  • Arbinet
  • GroundLink
  • Gogo Inflight Wireless is a service that allows you to connect to the internet while
  • Wireless Public Transportation

Crypto.com was founded in Hong Kong in 2016 under the name Monaco Technologies, before rebranding to its present name in 2018. CEO Kris Marszalek and CFO Rafael Melo lead the firm. On May 18, 2017, it raised $26.7 million in an initial coin offering.

JP Morgan and Binance are among the company’s key team members, as are other notable names in conventional banking and cryptocurrency.

Feature No. 1: Who Pays the Most? Interest Rates on Celsius or Crypto.com: 

The rates on Celsius are much more obvious than those on Crypto.com. Users are paid a fixed fee up to a specific amount, then a lesser cost for everything above that. 

Interest rate change cutoffs differ from cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency. Celsius customers, for example, may earn up to 1 BTC and 100 ETH in interest. Then, if they hold greater quantities of those assets on the platform, they earn a lower rate.

Celsius vs. Crypto.com: Who Pays the Best APY on Crypto?

Temperature Network (Celsius)

To receive the best prices, Crypto.com consumers must own the company’s native cryptocurrency asset CRO. Users who commit to locking their cash on the site for extended periods of time get better rates from the firm.


  • Celsius pays 6.2 percent for the first BTC and 3.51 percent for any subsequent BTC.
  • The BTC interest rates offered by Crypto.com vary from 1.5 percent to 8.5 percent. The rate you earn is determined on the amount of CRO in your account. To get the greatest prices, users must have at least $40,000 in CRO.


  • Celius offers a 5.35 percent ETH rate for the first 100 ETH and a 5.05 percent rate for every further ETH.
  • The ETH rates on Crypto.com vary from 3.5 percent to 8.5 percent, depending on how long a user plans to keep their assets on the site and how much CRO they have in their account.







0.5% – 5%

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a cryptocurrency that


0.5% – 5%



0.5% – 5%



0.5% – 5%



0.5% – 5%



0.5% – 5%



0.5% – 5%



From 6% to 14.5 percent







6% – 8.5%






6% – 14%

Celsius is the winner. Although Crypto.com provides better top-end returns on a variety of crypto currencies, consumers must have at least $40,000 in CRO on the site to qualify. Celsius’ flat rate mechanism is simpler to comprehend and provides competitive interest-earning possibilities on a broad range of tokens.

Celsius also has a better and less difficult sign-up bonus. If you deposit $400 or more on Celsius for 30 days, you will get a $50 BTC incentive. 

Alternatively, join up for Crypto.com and stake for the Ruby Card to get a $25 bonus.

What is the revenue model for Celsius and Crypto.com?

Celsius makes the majority of its money via its crypto loan business. Users are lent assets at a greater interest rate than they are paid to store their assets on the platform. 

Because these loans are over-collateralized, the chance of default is smaller than with a traditional loan. However, there is always the possibility (however remote) that a user’s money would be impacted by a default – this has yet to happen, but be aware of the dangers before utilizing any cryptocurrency platform.

One of Crypto.com’s numerous income sources is its borrowing and lending mechanism, which is the same as stated above. Every user transaction earns the firm a tiny commission. Maker rates vary from 0.036 to 0.1 percent, whereas taker rates are between 0.090 and 0.16 percent.

Payouts and Withdrawals are the second feature.

Users of Celsius may withdraw their money at any moment without paying any further costs. Those wishing to withdraw more than $50,000 in a single transaction must wait 24 to 48 hours for the transaction to be processed. On Mondays, the corporation pays its weekly interest payments.

Crypto.com pays daily interest, however it is not compounded. All on-chain withdrawals are subject to a fee, however customers may avoid these fees by utilizing Crypto.com’s withdraw-to-app feature.

Celsius is the winner. This round is also won by Celsius, owing to their no-fee withdrawals. On Crypto.com, users may also withdraw their cash for free, but only via a workaround.

Feature #3: Crypto.com Security vs. Celsius

To keep its customers’ cash safe, Celsius uses a multiparty computation (MPC) mechanism. This is consistent with industry practice. The firm also provides a variety of user-facing security features, including:

  • Authentication using two factors
  • Withdrawals are manually verified.
  • Biometric protection
  • Photo and video surveillance
  • HODL mode is a setting that enables you to save a (allows you to disable all outgoing transactions for a set amount of time)

To safeguard the overwhelming majority of its consumers’ cash in cold storage, Crypto.com collaborated with Ledger. As a result, they are less vulnerable to internet-based threats. Hardware security modules and multi-signature technologies are also used by the firm.

Both Celsius and Crypto.com provide FDIC insurance up to $250,000 to protect its customers’ cash money. This does not apply to any bitcoin assets.

It’s a tie for first place. There are just insufficient distinguishing characteristics to designate a winner. For safeguarding its consumers’ cash, both Celsius and Crypto.com are in line with the industry norm.

Ease of Use is the fourth feature.

The Celsius platform is much superior than Crypto.com in terms of customer service; all you have to do is deposit your assets on Celsius to start collecting weekly interest payments.

Users must completely engage themselves in Crypto.com’s ecosystem, staking for a credit card, holding CRO, and locking up cash, in order to get the most out of it.  

In terms of user experience, both systems provide web-based and mobile account management solutions that are suitable for anybody starting out. Crypto.com has a wider range of items and, as a result, its software is more complicated.

Standout Features of Celsius vs. Crypto.com

The cryptocurrency asset, CEL, is a prominent element of Celsius. Users who take out loans and pay them back using CEL may save up to 25% on their interest costs.

The credit card on Crypto.com is a remarkable feature. It enables users to begin earning bitcoin rewards while making normal transactions.

Crypto.com’s credit card is more sophisticated than BlockFi’s equivalent product in terms of bitcoin credit cards. At the Frosted Rose Gold and Icy White levels, Crypto.com offers a greater range of advantages and prizes, including complete CRO reimbursements for Netflix and Spotify, as well as rewards ranging from 1% to 8% dependent on the user’s monetary worth of kept CRO.

Celsius vs. Crypto.com: Who Pays the Best APY on Crypto?

Card tiers on Crypto.com

Celsius vs. Crypto.com in the Court of Public Opinion Reddit

Both Celsius and Crypto.com seem to be popular among Reddit users. According to popular opinion, crypto-savvy users should utilize both platforms and shift their assets back and forth based on who is now paying the best rates. 

However, if you’re looking for a cryptocurrency rewards credit card, Reddit recommends the Crypto.com card.

Customer Service: Celsius vs. Crypto.com

Celsius offers an online customer care form as well as a phone-based service at 201-824-2888. With over 18,000 members, it also has a highly active Telegram group.

Crypto.com features an online help center where you can get answers to frequently asked questions. Customer care may also be reached by email at [email protected] or via the app.

Do You Have Faith in Celsius and Crypto.com?

In terms of custodial systems, the cryptocurrency community seems to trust both Celsius and Crypto.com. 

Each organization follows industry-standard security procedures and has had no serious security breaches.

When you allow an external entity to keep your crypto assets, you always accept some amount of risk. You have little to no remedy if the metaphorical dookie hits the fan since neither platform provides insurance on tokens like BTC and ETH. This is true of any cryptocurrency interest account platform, not only Celsius and Crypto.com.

Celsius has said that it is working on an internal insurance product, but no details have been revealed.

Crypto.com is ISO/IEC 27001:3013 certified, and Bureau Veritas conducts regular audits. Celsius has over 850,000 members and handles billions of dollars in assets with no history of money theft by hackers.

Final Thoughts: Celsius vs. Crypto.com: Which is the Better Crypto Interest Account?

The superior crypto interest account is Celsius, which edges out Crypto.com. Celsius’s interest mechanism is considerably simpler, and it doesn’t demand users to store large amounts of native tokens in order to receive the highest rates. Compound interest is available on Celsius, but not on Crypto.com. Many of Celsius’ basic rates are greater than those of Crypto.com.

When you deposit $400 or more on Celsius for 30 days, CoinCentral subscribers will get a $50 BTC incentive.

However, if you’re interested in becoming a Crypto.com power user, Crypto.com makes a convincing case. When maxed out, Crypto.com offers the greatest cryptocurrency rates in the business, as well as some attractive credit card bonuses on its top tier– both of which can be obtained by holding nearly $400,000 in CRO.

Benefits include:

  • Amazon Prime, Netflix, Spotify, and other popular subscription services are reimbursed.
  • Access to the airport lounge
  • Partnership with a private jet
  • Pack of exclusive merchandise

Staking for the most basic card tier, the Ruby Card, will earn CoinCentral readers $25. 

Celsius vs. Crypto.com: Who Pays the Best APY on Crypto?

Celsius vs. Crypto.com: Who Pays the Best APY on Crypto?

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Celsius vs. Kraken crypto is a debate that has been going on for a while. The “celsius vs kraken crypto” will answer the question of who pays the best APY on Crypto?

Frequently Asked Questions

Which crypto pays the most interest?

A: Crypto pays the most interest in Bitcoin. Its one of the reasons people are so keen on investing it, as they believe that with time its value will increase and make them a lot of money.

Is Celsius a good place to store crypto?

A: Unfortunately, no. Celsius is not a good place to store your crypto due to security concerns including the risk of theft or fraud.

Can you earn interest on Crypto com?

A: It is possible to earn interest on Crypto com, but you will need to make at least $100 worth of deposits and withdrawals in order for this happen.

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