BullPerks To Become The First Decentralized VC And Launchpad Project To Support Most Popular Public Blockchains

The BullPerks Launchpad project has recently completed it’s token sale and has provided a solution for the problem of distributing tokens on the most popular public blockchains. The project has already begun building its platform and will be a great alternative for other projects.

Lately, the buzz in the cryptocurrency industry has been about the ‘decentralized coins’, the so called ‘altcoins’ that are traded on the exchanges like cryptocurrencies. Now, while the ‘decentralized’ feature of these coins may be true, it does not mean that these altcoins are good to invest in. So, what are the reasons why you should invest in these altcoins?

As we all know, there was a lot of confusion when the Bitcoin Cash community decided to fork Bitcoin Core. Because of this, it’s understandable that some tokens based on Bitcoin Cash will never come to life. But what if there was something that can support all the great ideas for tokens on the Bitcoin Cash chain? This is exactly what we are trying to do: BullPerks is a token that can be used to launch and support most of the great ideas for new tokens on the Bitcoin Cash chain.

George Tow, Cayman Islands, 10. June 2021 Bullperks is excited to announce that it will be the first platform and startup to support the most popular public blockchains by the end of June 2021. Cross-compatibility with different blockchains is important for a decentralized venture capital platform and token launch service. Bullperks will provide access to the Smart Chain of Binance, Solana, Cardano, Polygon, Tezos, Polkadot, Kusama, TRON and many other ecosystems. This decision will prove beneficial to projects on any of these blockchains that seek to raise funds through Bullperks’ decentralized venture capital solution. Projects on supported blockchains can send Bullperks their own tokens and distribute them to buyers. This approach eliminates the need for packaged tokens or conversion from one asset to another. In addition, a streamlined approach to fundraising and symbol allocation will give more projects a fair chance to raise the necessary capital. Bullperks co-founder Eran Elkhanani says: Our goal is to provide our token holders with the best projects to participate in, either in the early stages through our decentralized VC or later in the public round through our Launchpad. We look at the projects in each chain and judge them on their potential, not just on the chain they are in. This approach gives us an advantage and a much wider choice. This allows us to be even more demanding and to find the best projects, regardless of the channel. Currently, the vast majority of launch token providers offer support for one or at most two blockchains. This limited appeal has many drawbacks, especially at a time when the demand for cross-channel support is greater than ever. Supporting multiple blockchains and continually expanding the list will bring a lot of positive attention to Bullperks and the way its team approaches the broader industry. About the Bullpen Bullperks is the fairest and most community-focused decentralized venture capital fund and multi-channel startup platform. Two projects under one roof with the same token and a revolutionary level system.


BullPerks is an ecosystem project providing crypto-investors with a different way to invest in ICOs, using the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies. BullPerks will be the first decentralized VC (venture capital) and launchpad project to support most popular public blockchains.. Read more about launchpad tokens and let us know what you think.

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