Best 7 Crypto Airdrops to Participate in

Airdrops are like a freebie, as they offer tokens and coins to early adopters of cryptocurrencies. They can come in the form of an announcement on Reddit or other social media platforms, releasing information about new ICOs with a bounty for those who take part in spreading the word. Here is our list of top 7 cryptos you should be aware which have been giving away free coins recently

The “best crypto airdrops” is a list of 7 different cryptocurrency airdrops. The list includes the date, the company that is giving away the coins, and the amount of coins being given out.

Best 7 Crypto Airdrops to Participate in


The year 2022 has just recently begun, and airdrops are more popular than ever. They’re often utilized as a marketing tool to promote projects and tokens, as well as to thank the community for its support. Whatever the case may be, airdrops are a great way to receive some fresh tokens and even become involved with new projects that you were previously unaware of.

With that in mind, there are already a slew of airdrops underway in early January 2022, with many more planned in the days, weeks, and months ahead. If you don’t want to wait for a particular one, here are a few you may start with right now.

GamerCoin is the first cryptocurrency (GHX)

The first on the list is GamerCoin, a project that has gained a lot of traction as a result of the growing popularity of blockchain-based gaming, which is one of the most popular uses of blockchain technology outside of financial transactions. As a result, the digital marketplace for computer assets was born.

GamerCoin is now one of the most popular and well-known crypto airdrops in January. It was made available on the GamerHash platform, which serves millions of gamers across the globe. It also enables users to mine, perform tasks, and earn GamerCoin in return for their efforts (GHX).

The project was established in order to provide solutions to the globe and to make blockchain goods accessible to the general public. It claims to have a significant presence in over 125 countries throughout the globe, and it provides all of the finest aspects of blockchain technology, including gaming, mining, and earning rewards. Its ultimate objective is to combine the gaming environment with the realm of digital currency mining and link the two.

The airdrop is still going on and will finish on January 11th, with a total of 650,000 GHX up for grabs. Each coin is now worth $0.078 at the time of writing. Users must follow the project’s Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook accounts in order to participate. They must also Retweet GamerCoin’s airdrop tweet, tag three or more friends, follow GamerHash’s creator on Twitter, and subscribe to GamerHash’s Telegram notifications.

2. Cacao Radio (RACA)

Next up is Radio Caca (RACA), which is a Universal Metaverse native token and the only manager of Maye Musk Mystery Box NFT.

Radio Caca was founded as a decentralized organization (DAO) by internet natives from across the world who had a goal of establishing a new virtual world. Radio Caca is a metaverse project that features a 3D Planet environment where users may purchase and own property, construct businesses and art galleries, create and play games, and more.

Users may zoom in and out of the globe, move about the 3D virtual earth, and do other things similar to what they can do with Google Earth.

The project is now airdropping 24 million RACA tokens, however interested users should act fast since the airdrop will finish on January 9th, 2022. To participate, you must add RACA to your CoinMarketCap watchlist, follow CoinMarketCap, Radio Caca, USM Lab, and USM Chain on Twitter, as well as join Radio Caca’s Discord and Telegram group — RadioCaca (Group 2). When it comes to Telegram, it’s also important to keep up with CoinMarketCap Announcements.

3. Crypto World ZOO (ZOO)

We have ZOO Crypto World in third place (ZOO). The gaming sector is the focus of this DeFi initiative. As a result, it hopes to disrupt the GameFi industry with its game dApp, which mixes DeFi concepts with gaming assets to produce value.

The project is also in a unique position to profit from the developing metaverse excitement, which began in late 2021 and will surely be the dominant trend in 2022.

The game mechanisms of ZOO Crypto World rely on non-fungible tokens, and it is now available on Binance Smart Chain (NFTs). The NFTs are creatures that can be acquired for a minimal price and are employed to perform a role in the ecosystem. Some even sell for as little as $4.

The airdrop will bring gamers closer to unlocking NFT animal chests in both PvP and PvE modes. To participate in the airdrop, follow Turtle Finance on Twitter, retweet the crypto airdrop event tweet and tag at least three people, join the ZOO Crypto World on Telegram, Discord, and Twitch, and fill out the airdrop form. Finally, players will need a BSC Wallet in order to get the tokens.

Antex, number four (ANTEX)

Then there’s Antex (ANTEX), a decentralized infrastructure that provides the crucial layers for the new crypto economy’s growth. The ANTEX platform, in essence, provides building elements for ensuring the long-term viability of decentralized applications. It intends to do this by providing a safe, convenient, and optimal network that will bring all stakeholders together in a single ecosystem to progress blockchain technology.

Many have turned to Antex to make their ideas a reality and unlock liquidity for their tokens, since making the blockchain simpler and more accessible to the common person is one of the crypto industry’s major aims.

Antex is now giving one of the most popular crypto airdrops in January, with its tokens designed to promote the platform as a one-stop-shop for developers looking to turn their ideas into reality. The airdrop will remain through January 14th, with a total of 70 million ANTEX tokens available.

Users must follow Antex on Twitter, join its Telegram community and announcement channels, as well as follow its Facebook page, join its Discord server, and subscribe to its YouTube channel to participate. Retweet the pinned tweet, tag at least three friends, setup a wallet for the tokens, and fill out the airdrop form are also required.

5. Thermogenic (SOLO)

Then there’s Sologenic (SOLO), a well-known airdrop that was also highly popular in December 2021 and is still going strong in January 2022. Its airdrop will run until January 15th, so there’s still time to sign up and earn a share of the 10,000 SOLO tokens that the project is giving away.

SOLO is a project aimed towards both retail and institutional customers. It wants to take advantage of the asset tokenization movement, which is still continuing strong, to boost value generation and retention. Its technology makes tokenization very user-friendly, with the purpose of tokenizing a broad spectrum of financial markets as well as privately held assets.

It’s no surprise that this initiative is garnering so much interest, given that tokenization is one of the hottest topics in crypto right now. Users must complete many steps in order to participate in the airdrop. They must follow Sologenic’s Twitter account, as well as Reza Bashash, Bob Ras, and Coreum’s. Retweet the airdrop notification and tag three or more individuals are also required.

Following that, interested parties must join the project’s Telegram and Discord, as well as Coreum’s Telegram and Discord, and subscribe to Sologenic’s YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit accounts. After that, all that’s left is to establish a token wallet and fill out the airdrop form.

AXL INU is number six on the list (AXL)

AXL INU, which was touted as one of the finest DEXes for NFTs, is towards the bottom of the list. In order to push its marketplace to the next level, the project is presently launching a crypto airdrop.

AXL INU is a user-friendly, entirely open, and 100 percent decentralized non-fungible token marketplace. The DEX saw millions of dollars in trade volume in 2021, and the NFT and metaverse tendencies are only expected to grow in 2022.

Another reason for the rapid growth of AXL INU’s network is that it allows users to adopt NFTs and contribute assets to its NFT mining pool. The project operates on both the Ethereum blockchain and the BSC, and it is certainly one of the most popular NFT exchanges. Apart from NFTs, the network also provides simple access to some of the top crypto goods, like decentralized loans, yield farming, IDOs, and more. Meanwhile, AXL, the company’s native token, has made it thus far by being a very innovative, futuristic asset that customers find appealing.

The project’s airdrop will run until January 12th, and users must follow the project on Twitter, join its Telegram community and announcement channels, retweet the airdrop tweet and tag a minimum of three people, complete out the airdrop form, and establish ETH/BSC wallets in order to participate.

JOJO is number seven (JOJO)

Last but not least, there’s JOJO, a memecoin. This initiative began in 2021 and has had a surprising amount of success so far. It offered a long-term investment in a very popular metaverse that combines the greatest parts of GameFi, NFTs, and SmartToy when it released one of the largest crypto airdrops in January.

JOJO is a BSC token with a super combustion process that lets it to maintain complete control on its token supply. To put it another way, token holders are rewarded for keeping their tokens for as long as they can. It’s also worth mentioning that JOJO is entirely community-owned, which means that the platform’s investors own every accomplishment.

The airdrop will now remain until January 15th, and in order to get the tokens, you must follow the project on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram, as well as retweet the airdrop notification and tag at least three individuals. After then, go to its website and link your BSC address before filling out the airdrop form.


Airdrops are a common technique to expose a project to new users and for new users to become involved in a new project that they were previously unfamiliar with. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that airdrops are larger and more popular than ever before, and even early January is jam-packed with them, with the ones named among the greatest presently available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best airdrops?

A: In my opinion, the best airdrops would be those that offer you an item for free but with limited quantity. For instance, some companies will send you 300 coins for your first purchase and then give you 1000 more coins if other products are purchased within 30 days of your order.

How much money can you make from airdrops?

A: Airdrops are a way to get free cryptocurrency without having to invest in it. It is possible that you can make hundreds of dollars from them, but this will likely be limited due to the fact they are only given out on certain countries and exchanges.

How do I get crypto airdrops?

A: Many of the top cryptocurrencies use airdrops to distribute their coins. Typically, they will release cryptocurrency into the market and give out free coins that are worth more than what it costs them to produce them. You can get these airdrops by signing up for an account with one of those companies and then following through on all the steps in order to receive your new currency.

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