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David Chaum is a cryptographic pioneer who, in the 1980s, produced and marketed what became known as “anonymous” digital cash. He’s mostly known for his involvement with DigiCash, an early attempt at using cryptography to create untraceable currency that would be accepted by merchants worldwide. Today he works on projects ranging from financial privacy to encryption software and is considered one of the most influential people in crypto – so we reached out for six questions!

David Chaum is a cryptographer and academic. He has been credited with the invention of digital cash, anonymous electronic communications, and digital signatures. He was also the founder of DigiCash and ecash.

6 Questions for David Chaum of XX Network – Cointelegraph Magazine


We asked blockchain and cryptocurrency entrepreneurs for their perspectives on the business… We also toss in a few zingers here and there to keep them on their toes!


David Chaum, one of the first blockchain researchers and a world-renowned cryptographer and privacy champion, is the subject of our 6 Questions this week. He is the creator of Elixxir, Praxxis, and the XX network, all of which are based on his decades of encryption and privacy research and contributions.

David Chaum is the founder and inventor of XX network, the first consumer-scale, quantum-ready web platform that allows value to be transferred and traded without disclosing “metadata.” David is generally regarded as the creator of electronic currency and a pioneer in encryption and privacy-preserving technology. His work on cryptographic “vault systems” includes the earliest proposal for a blockchain protocol, which includes all but one of the elements outlined in the Bitcoin white paper, which was published 26 years later. In 1995, David’s startup, DigiCash, used a ground-breaking cryptographic blind-signature methodology to establish eCash, the world’s first anonymous digital money.


1 — What do you believe the largest blockchain trend will be in the next 12 months?

Nonfungible tokens seem to be all the rage right now. However, I believe that in the next 12 months, people will finally understand what genuine decentralization is. People will start to see a lot more creativity and broad acceptance in the blockchain industry once they know they can have a seat at the table, that they can own and participate in the governance of an institution. 

People will begin to grasp how much VC money has poured into this field in the previous five years, and they will see through the false prophets.


2 — What is the most inventive blockchain use case you’ve ever seen? It’s possible that it’s not the most likely to succeed!

The Satoshi Vision – the right to engage in economic activity and the capacity to do so (and upside). Money is linked to rewarding freedom and democracy by guaranteeing that political liberties are never suffocated and can be sustained economically.


3 — What are your top five Crypto Twitter accounts, and why can’t you live without them?

@Defi_ Dad is one of my new favorite feeds that I’ve lately discovered. Very interesting. In our area, which is famously full with shilling machines, he is a pretty level-headed, no-nonsense, even-keeled individual.

@rogerkver is a visionary who is underappreciated for his contributions to society. He’s also a big reason why we’re at this point in the adoption process.

@snowden is a man who speaks truth to authority whenever he can. He is not frightened to express himself. 

@danheld is sharp and never misses a beat. Everyone should be paying attention to him since he has a smart intellect.

@laurashin has her finger on the crypto pulse; she is the crypto Barbara Walters.


4 — Make a list of your favorite sports teams and select your fondest memory from watching them. If you’re not a sports lover, choose a couple movies and take a break!

I was already concerned about the digital future after seeing the closing chapter of 2001: A Space Odyssey. I watched it when it first came out, and it had a significant effect.


5 — How did you spend your high school years?

Ummm… UCLA was where I spent a lot of my time. To be honest, I chose to spend my time at UCLA rather than attend high school. We still had the flexibility to do stuff like this in the 1960s.


6 — What gets you furious… and what do you do when you’re angry?

People who are unaware that democracy is not a foregone conclusion. Our society’s well-being is not guaranteed. 

It irritates me that not enough people are concerned about the potentially disastrous results that face us. We get so many screwed up results in this world where information and media are blatantly controlled that none of us desire because our shared common sense gets lost in the flow.


My desire for the blockchain community is as follows: 

It’s finished. Everything is decentralized and global. Governments and companies will have to play catch-up, but it’s already been done. We are all part of a global community. Governments believe blockchain and cryptocurrency are in danger, but they are not. It’s the twenty-first century. Now is the time. It’s been delivered. It’s finished.

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