3 Best XRP Hardware Wallet to Store Ripple Offline

Many crypto investors make a terrible mistake in the beginning that would cost them dearly. This shortcoming is that they cannot fully control their cryptocurrencies (FYI, you do not own your coins if you do not have their private key). But my friend, you have landed on this page to know about the best XRP hardware wallet to store Ripple offline, which means you are no longer new to crypto-currencies. You’re becoming a professional.

Here, for your help, I will list 3 Ripple hardware wallets for cold storage parts. And you know what the best part is? These wallets allow you to store not only XRP, but also other coins like BTC, ETH, etc. These wallets are capable of storing multiple coins at once.

The portfolios I present to you are trusted by millions of people around the world.

The XRP hardware wallet is a USB stick-like device that allows you to store cryptocurrencies cold, while sending and receiving them without exposing your private keys to the outside world.

Why buy an XRP hardware wallet?

The very simple answer is to secure your tokens and take control of their private key. When you leave your coins on an online wallet, you don’t really own them. Your web wallet (or cryptocurrency exchange) client takes care of this.

If you do, there are two potential risks. First, the exchange can be hacked and you can lose your coins. Some exchanges have an insurance policy to cover losses, but the coverage will not be 100%. Second: In the worst case scenario, your wallet can fly away with your coins.

The second risk can be overcome by choosing a well-known cryptocurrency exchange, but no web wallet is safe from the first risk.

Some well-known stock exchanges voluntarily recommend that their clients transfer their savings to a physical portfolio.

Fear of selling:

3 Best XRP Hardware Wallet to Store Ripple Offline

There is currently no replacement for a physical XRP wallet when it comes to protecting your coins.

Your hardware stores your private keys in a secure chip, or one could say in an isolated environment. They are programmed so that users can send and receive cryptocurrencies without exposing their private keys to the online world.

Hardware wallets are so secure that they can be used even on a compromised computer (not recommended, but worth mentioning).

How much does a Ripple hardware wallet cost?

Not much. the world’s best-selling Ledger Nano S hardware wallet is available for just $65 or ₹5000 or £54.

Personally, I recommend a hardware wallet if you have cryptocurrencies worth your 3 months.

Is a paper portfolio worth considering?

When people talk about the best hardware wallets for Ripple, they think of a paper wallet. For your information, a hardware wallet is not the only way to store cold XRP. We should also talk about another important tool, the paper wallet, for storing coins offline.

You can also consider a Ripple paper wallet for cold storage of coins.

There is no doubt that a paper wallet is a very effective way to store coins offline. All you need to do is use a trusted generating client for paper portfolios. BitAddress and MyEhterWallet are currently very reliable paper wallet generators for BTC and ETH respectively. But I couldn’t find it for XRP.

I no longer recommend a paper portfolio unless your crypto investment is very small.

Moreover, while paper portfolios can be freely generated, they are subject to private key revocation and import duties. They are almost obsolete because of cost and, of course, for safety reasons.

Security problems? You may know that paper wallet generators use special JavaScript code. Can you imagine JavaScript being manipulated?

Another point is that your computer should be free of malware and keyloggers. If your car is compromised, your private key may be compromised.

If you have a very small amount invested in cryptocurrencies, say $100, buying a hardware wallet is not justified. However, if you have started systematic investing, you should consider it.

3 Best XRP Hardware Wallet to Store Ripple Offline

Here are three of the best Ripple hardware wallets to store XRP offline

The following hardware portfolios are from two pioneering companies in this field: Ledger and SatoshiLabs. You can choose from any of the hardware portfolios listed.

XRP’s best hardware portfolios:

  • Ledger Nano S : An economical solution.
  • Ledger Nano X: Second generation XRP wallet for crypto-currencies.
  • Safe model T: SatoshiLabs’ next generation premium portfolio.

Message: Trezor One, another crypto-currency wallet from SatoshiLabs, is worth buying a hardware wallet for, but as of now it doesn’t support XRP. That is why I did not add to my recommendations.

Nano S cemetery

Maximum values

  • Price: £54, $65 or ₹5000.
  • The best affordable ripple wallet.
  • In addition to XRP, it can store 21 other coins, such as bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, EOS, etc.
  • Supports 25 coins and over 1,250 ERC20 tokens.
  • Compatible with Windows, MAC, Linux, iOS and Android.
  • Very easy to use, just connect and send and receive coins.
  • Supplied with a USB type B connector
  • Powered by the open-source operating system BOLOS, owned by Ledge.
  • Has 2 buttons and a display to confirm actions.

Low number

  • No battery, external power required
  • The storage capacity is not really 22, it depends on the apps you install. For example, I could only install 8 applications. Then the error message Insufficient memory appeared.

3 Best XRP Hardware Wallet to Store Ripple Offline

The Nano S is the best-selling hardware wallet and the first choice of investors, whether you are a beginner or a professional. Cost-effective, easy to use, high security and a storage capacity of up to 22 units distinguish it.

If you’re looking for the best XRP hardware wallet on a budget, no other hardware wallet can match the Ledger Nano S. Since its launch, not a single person has reported having their coins stolen from the Nano S.

It was my first hardware wallet and I still use it.

Recommended for : Those looking for an affordable Ripple hardware wallet.

Buy Ledger Nano C

Nano X hardware wallet for Ripple

Maximum values

  • The price is 124 pounds, 135 dollars or 5,000.
  • Highly recommended XRP cold wallet
  • an elegant design
  • In addition to XRP, it can store 99 other coins, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS and others.
  • Supports 25 coins and over 1,250 ERC20 tokens.
  • Powered by a 100 mAh rechargeable battery and an external power source.
  • Wireless communication
  • Compatible with Windows, MAC, Linux, iOS and Android.
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a USB Type-C connector
  • Powered by the open-source operating system BOLOS, owned by Ledge.
  • Has 2 buttons and a display to confirm actions.

Low number

  • Some experts point out that Bluetooth connectivity is an issue (however, Ledger has tested it extensively). It should be noted that private keys cannot be compromised without physical access. This way your coins stay safe).
  • The battery is not replaceable. The battery of the Ledger Nano X can last up to 5 years. If it is then exhausted, an external power supply can be used.

3 Best XRP Hardware Wallet to Store Ripple Offline

The Model X is superior to the Nano S in terms of functionality and security, but that doesn’t mean the Ledger Nano S is any less secure. It features the latest secure chips, wireless connectivity, a 100mAh battery and an increased storage capacity of up to 100 coins on top.

But without hesitation, this is the best XRP hardware wallet if you can afford it. Its price is double that of the Model S. But it’s not prohibitive. The price is justified when you see what features it offers.

3 Best XRP Hardware Wallet to Store Ripple Offline

If the Bluetooth connection is too important for you, you have the option of not using it. I recommend that you do not use a wireless connection during the initial installation. You can then use it to send and receive documents.

Personally I love this device, it’s very slim and precisely designed (look how cleverly the physical buttons are integrated). Finally, this designer really deserves a boost.

You can easily transfer your coins to Ledger Nano.

Recommended for : Those who use cryptocurrencies for trading, daily transactions and more. The camera is of high quality and can also be used for travel. You can also make transactions on the go.

Get the Ledger Nano X.

Trident Model T

Maximum values

  • Price: £149, $164 or ₹12300.
  • Recommended hardware portfolio for Ripple.
  • Elegant design with full touch screen (240×240)
  • In addition to Ripple, it can store many other coins, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tron, EOS, etc.
  • 168 MHz ARM Cortex-M4 processor
  • Supports over 1000 coins, including ERC20 tokens.
  • Micro SD memory card slot
  • Compatible with Windows, MAC, Linux, iOS and Android.
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a USB Type-C connector
  • Powered by the specially developed Trezor Core system.

Low number

  • No wireless connection. (The company intentionally excluded this item to limit attacks.
  • A bit expensive and out of reach for small investors.

3 Best XRP Hardware Wallet to Store Ripple Offline

Many people are talking about the mini-computer. The Trezor Model T is one of the best physical wallets. In fact, SatoshiLabs was the first company to introduce the world’s first hardware wallet for crypto-currency, the Trezor One.

The Trezor One is widely praised, I couldn’t include it in my list because it doesn’t currently support XRP.

But its successor, the Trezor Model T, supports over 1,000 other coins in addition to XRP, including ERC20 tokens.

Premium support, latest features like touchscreen, large storage capacity, micro SD card slot, support for U2F authentication, passphrase and more make it a next generation wallet.

The price is a bit high: 149 pounds, 164 dollars or 12300 euros. That could be the price of owning a next-generation Ripple hardware wallet that supports bitcoin and other altcoins.

Should you buy it? If, of course, you can afford the price.

Recommended for : Crypto-currency enthusiasts who want to acquire more and more coins. This device is recommended for frequent transactions and operations.

Check out the Trezor Model T

3 Best XRP Hardware Wallet to Store Ripple Offline

These are my recommendations for the XRP hardware wallet. Rest assured, all devices are trusted by millions of people. None of them will disappoint you and will provide your Ripple with the highest level of security.

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